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Offering a Peerless Self Storage Experience

Putting the Luv in StorLuv

We’ve put together a list of valuable modern amenities to make StorLuv your first choice for self storage units. 

Whatever style of storage you need, we have a storage unit that can match it, along with a list of amenities from which to choose. 

We offer temperature-controlled storage units, storage lockers perfect for documentation, and standard self storage space. 

Whether you’re moving a student into USC or yourself into a new home, we’ve got a storage unit that will make the whole process easier. 

Couple that with our automated access system, and storage units have never been more convenient.

Who We Are

StorLuv is dedicated to offering the best self storage rental experience in Los Angeles. 

We utilize top-of-the-line amenities, exceptional customer service, and customizable storage options to show our guests how much we care. 

With thirty years of business experience, we’ve designed StorLuv to provide everything you need without requiring any more of your time than absolutely necessary. 

From the ease of access to automated service, we believe StorLuv will eliminate the annoying parts of self storage and free you to live life without worrying about your stored items.

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Providing Important Self Storage Features

StorLuv strives to exceed your expectations when it comes to self storage units in Los Angeles

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