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Our facility is open 24/7! Get your gate code and move into your storage unit at your convenience. No need to call or visit the office to get access to your unit!

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Top Tier Amenities in Los Angeles

We offer incredible amenities and customization to ensure every guest can rent a self storage unit that offers exactly what they need. Feel the love!

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Customized Self Storage Units | StorLuv

We offer self storage unit solutions tailored to the needs of our guests, ranging from temperature-controlled storage to small storage lockers.

  • Small self storage lockers
  • Short-term self storage units
  • Modern technology
  • 24/7 Access to your Storage Unit

State of the Art Self Storage Units

StorLuv utilizes cutting-edge technology to make your self storage experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

At StorLuv, we embrace technology as a way to make your storage experience better. 

Keyless entry means you don’t have to add another key to your ring and can instead use your smartphone to access your stuff anytime, 24/7. 

Our temperature-controlled units keep your most delicate items from degrading during storage, our high-definition security cameras deter theft, and interior entryways make for comfortable entry and exit regardless of the weather. 

Of course, you can rent and pay for your unit from your smartphone, making the whole process even easier.

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Service with Care | StorLuv

It’s in the name - we know our guests are storing items they love, and we take care of them with that in mind.

At StorLuv, we strive to provide high security, anonymity, comfort, safety, and high-tech self storage units for every guest. 

We offer premium amenities, like temperature control, to ensure that your stored items are cared for precisely the way they need to be. 

You'll have access to our facility anytime, 24/7! Get to your unit when you need to!

All of our ground-floor self-storage units are kept clean and pest-free, and we offer courtesy carts to make loading and unloading easier. We use electronic access apps to protect both our customers and all of their stored items. 

Top it all off with excellent customer service, and we’re confident that you’ll have a great experience renting self storage units with StorLuv.